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This page has many useful sections with information, and fellow TPF sufferer stories.

If you’ve recently suffered a Tibial plateau Fracture this is the place for you. This site was created after having myself gone through the recovery process of TPF, and this site aims to contain information you need and want to know during Recovery. You can visit the forum to chat and share your story with others. Or, start reading in the Recovery Section Above. In the different pages you will find a lot of helpful information for your recovery period including medical information, first hand accounts of personal recovery stories as well as many useful tips & tricks. It’s Important to understand that this info is based on personal experience and research but that I am not a medical professional. This site is not intended to provide personal health advice. Your doctor is the professional source of information and if any advice your doctor gives you contradicts something written in this site- stick with your doctors opinion.

If you’re asking yourself how long your recovery is going to take, or what to expect, check out the recovery section. If you’re looking for some helpful tips and tricks from people who’ve been there – have a look at tips & tricks. We also have a Forum with recovery stories of different people Containing many inspiring stories and a place to ask fellow visitors questions.

If you’re looking for a community of people who have been through the same also check out the forum, or if you are looking for more information and references, those can be found in “further reading” which contains links to other websites and pages.

This page currently contains mostly information regarding recovery and recuperation after a surgery or non-surgical treatment. If you are still in the hospital and want to know more about your injury this is also the place for you. In future I might add some useful information for your stay in the hospital.

Hope you feel at Home, and feel free to contact about anything at all at [email protected]


Note: This site is currently in building and so some sections might not yet be complete



September 10th, 2013


*Note: this website is not intended to provide medical advice. Your doctor is a much better source for medical advice.  This information is based on firsh-hand personal experience and research*


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  1. I had something simalar my foot was pointing downwards and twisted to the side. Doctors picked uo straight away and I had to wear a boot for 8 weeks then just at bedtime.
    I had a lot of pain in my foot and ankle . My nerve endings caused so much pain.
    My physio gave me exercises for my foot which helped am now 16 weeks po and having hydrotherapy which eases the pain .

  2. Hi all, has anybody experienced foot drop after tpf I am 8 weeks po and since surgery I haven’t been able to move my big toe upwards only after my own research have I found out about foot drop (damage to the peroneous nerve causing lack of upward movement in front of foot and toes- nerve damage hence why gabapentin is working to reduce pain) every symptom I have come across I have pins and needles, pain in top of my foot, lack of upward movement) my physio is insisting I stubbed my toe when I fell and damage was done then (it certainly wasn’t I could move all toes perfectly fine in A&E that’s the first thing they checked.).

    Anybody experienced this or know how to approach this with physio and doctors?


    • Hi Lindsey

      I have foot drop after my accident on 20 Dec. I stretched my common peroneal nerve so badly my foot drop happened immediately along with TPF and fractured shoulder in two places. The foot drop has been the biggest upset for me. I had a second operation to decompress the nerve which was squashed in scar tissue 10cm long & so was never going to fix on its own hence while we waited 8 weeks post op. I have the tiniest movement in my big toe. I can feel the sole of my foot but the top of my foot, outer ankle & up the side of my left leg is totally numb. I wear a split all the time day & night. Doctor in London who only deals with this nerve says “wait, it takes months to fix”! 1mm per day. I have very long legs

  3. I had a TBF fracture in late September and had an operation in October,I can walk fine now but cant walk long distance or stand for more than five to ten minutes.The only problem is that my popliteus muscle is always sore especially when I’m sleeping.Any suggestion pls because I tried pain killers,patches and creams.

  4. Thanks for looking that up for me Frsncine really appreciate it,
    I am now doing more physio they also told me u will be getting arthritis .

  5. Am 4 mths po and am know walking with crutches , the physio has confused me by saying that I had a deviated knee ? And would be prone to arthrities . Is this because I needed a bone graft?
    Anyone know what this means?

    • Hi Teresa
      I googled deviated knee and it looks to me like 2 scenarios of it. It seems like things don’t line up exactly, or the ligaments can’t hold it all together. Don’t know what they do about it, but you may want to look further. The podiatrist told me that if it was out a bit a special sole in a shoe would help.

  6. I have a question for anyone or everyone. I have posted on here before that in May of last year I was in a motorcycle wreck resulting in a tib/ fib break and a cracked kneecap. I had a plate put in and a bunch of screws. Did my rehab got off the crutches and stopped using my cane. I walk to work about a half mile away most of the week now but the last few weeks I haven’t been feeling good. So I try to eat healthy as I can afford and try to bear with the pain. Of course my leg is really crooked now and I am hunting for a better doctor that jacked me up. The question I have is, I force myself to stand as long as I can anywhere between 8-15 hours a day just at work. The longer I stand the more I can feel what feels like broken glass in my knee and my ankle (which still bruses just from walking around BTW). This eventually slowly expands and meets in the middle of my shin making standing and/or walking a almost impossible idea. I know this is most likely due to the effects of the surgery and the installation of the plate and the atrophy that I got from being inactive for the months that it was mending. However, on the left leg I am experienceing the feeling of broken glass inside of that ankle as well. This ankle was not broke and the pain of the glass like feeling is much more pronounced. What is this? Is anyone experiencing this? Is it possible that both ankle have been broke and I have been walking around on them because the doctor was to lazy to do his/her job? More or less I just need to know how to get rid of it. Its making it impossible to work, cook or just walk to the bathroom.

    • I also experienced a tpf on the right leg after a motorcycle accident last May. Now, the left heel , outer ankle area feels like walking on glass. Does this sound like your pain? Dr diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis caused by by my abnormal gait . Try looking it up online and see if your symptoms match. It is extremely painful. Hope you feel better soon : )

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