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This page has many useful sections with information, and fellow Tibial Plateau Fracture sufferer stories.

If you’ve recently suffered a Tibial plateau Fracture this is the place for you. This site was created after having myself gone through the recovery process of Tibial Plateau Fractures, and this site aims to contain information you need and want to know during Recovery. You can visit the forum to chat and share your story with others. Or, start reading in the Recovery Section Above. In the different pages you will find a lot of helpful information for your recovery period including medical information, first hand accounts of personal recovery stories as well as many useful tips & tricks. It’s Important to understand that this info is based on personal experience and research but that I am not a medical professional. This site is not intended to provide personal health advice. Your doctor is the professional source of information and if any advice your doctor gives you contradicts something written in this site- stick with your doctors opinion.

If you’re asking yourself how long your recovery is going to take, or what to expect, check out the recovery section. If you’re looking for some helpful tips and tricks from people who’ve been there – have a look at tips & tricks. We also have a Forum with recovery stories of different people Containing many inspiring stories and a place to ask fellow visitors questions.

If you’re looking for a community of people who have been through the same also check out the forum, or if you are looking for more information and references, those can be found in “further reading” which contains links to other websites and pages.

This page currently contains mostly information regarding recovery and recuperation after a surgery or non-surgical treatment. If you are still in the hospital and want to know more about your injury this is also the place for you. In future I might add some useful information for your stay in the hospital.

Hope you feel at Home, and feel free to contact about anything at all at [email protected]


Note: This site is currently in building and so some sections might not yet be complete



September 10th, 2013


*Note: this website is not intended to provide medical advice. Your doctor is a much better source for medical advice.  This information is based on firsh-hand personal experience and research*

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  1. I just had the plate and 11 screws removed after almost three years. It’s been almost a month since that was done, and today, I feel pretty good, but other days, it’s been a bit painful, and of course, I am very careful. My decision to have it done was based on the fact that I had reached a plateau on the road to recovery, and heard that some folks got more relief after removal. Also, to do a full knee replacement on that leg, the metal would have to come out anyhow. The jury is out on whether it will now get better, but I’m hopeful. My surgeon said it would be at least 3 months before a full knee could be considered after the hardware is removed. The removal is fairly simple, back home the same day, but of course it is invasive, so you’ll have a large incision that must heal. A month of limited activities is recommended, but I do what doesn’t hurt and that’s my guideline. I don’t regret having it removed, but I had anticipated a lot more relief a lot quicker than I’m seeing so far. I might mention that the external immobilizer procedure that was done before the plate was put in resulted in a condition called “foot drop”, which has really complicated things in my case. Much of the pain I have is caused by the foot drop condition which continues to improve. At times, I can’t distinguish whether the discomfort is from the knee or the foot. I’m also 73 yrs old, so there are many factors which could influence your case. Overall, my feeling is, removal is the way to go if the surgeon feels you are ready for it. You will be up and on your feet the same evening with caution of course, I used the walker for a couple of days, cane for a week or so, now walking and healing.

  2. Did anyone remove their plate after 2 years ? How do you feel, do we need to go through similar excercise post removal of the supporting plate in TPF ?

  3. I am 11 days post-op and noticed today that it hurts around my knee cap! I am so nervous, that its not healing right and also so nervous to get blood clots!!!! Is it normal to have weird pain here and there in the knee?

  4. I get Charlie horses all the time. I also have severe insomnia since my car wreck that caused my tpf. I have now been diagnosed with ptsd which is causing the insomnia. Also I have had a sleep study performed and they said because of the amount of pain I am still in my body never goes into rem cycle. I have been on lunesta and Ambien and neither helped. They said I have to just live with the insomnia for now until they can get my pain under control which won’t happen until I can have surgery to rebreak my tpf and replace the plate and 11 screws. I hope this is not similar to what you are going through because it is miserable. Especially knowing there is no end in sight because my original surgeon is in a different state and no other surgeons want to touch it and if I do find one to accept me as a patient I will have to travel at least 2 hrs away.

  5. Update: I’m on 6weeks since surgery Plate and 1screw, staples wete removed and still using pain meds, crutches and wheelchair. No weight bearing but hopefully soon. I will also start PT 3 times a week. I had a great Dr and team that got me through this horrible injury. My family support Helped tremendously, having my children help with bathing, toileting, meds and bed exercises. It was something I never thought I would ever need but it showed me that when I needed my children they we’re there for me.
    NOW, I can get around in my wheelchair, transfer myself from the bed to wheelchair on my own. I can go and use the bathroom on my own as well as bathe. Its not easy its still painful but I push myself to do it. I get tired if I’m doing to much and my body tells me to slow it down..I’m hoping to be able to drop my son off to college in August. That is my reason and why I push so hard. I hope everyone heals and gets through this painful Injury. My next appointment is on June 27th hoping swelling goes down and that there is no injury to my acl, praying my acl is OK.
    I also posted earlier I get Charlie horses n that my friends are painful and I have insomina which is why I’m typing at 3am.
    I wish I could get some good sleep.

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