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    Laurie Woodruff

    Hi… In Sept 2016 I had a broken tibial plateau fracture and torn acl. No surgery done. Was in braces for 6 months. Still having alot of trouble…hip and back are now in terrible pain as well as the knee…swelling etc. Xrays show the bone not healed!? Why after 21 months has it not healed? Curious. Waiting on an appt with surgeon

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      Patricia Lewis

      It is nearly 14 months since I did my TPF, top of the tibia in 4 bits and top off the fibula after my opp I was full leg plaster for 8 weeks non weight bearing for 4 months then partial weight bearing to full weight bearing ,so the worse thing was my foot and ankle pain from not using it,but we started swimming once a week 3months ago and it is the best thing I’ve done as I could exercise my knee and foot so easy in the water,I am now walking without a stick and 2weeks ago I got the feeling back underneath my foot,my leg below my knee goes out to the side and I limp but I am getting there, I hope you will too Ron and Laura

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      Your hip and back are a result from your body compensating for your injury. My TPF SURGERY WAS 3-5-18 6 screws and plate also with bone material packed into it. my whole body is off center. My OS is starting PT this week with my leg has severe atrophy and I hope for a full recovery.

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      Patricia Lewis

      I had 2 metal plates and filled with human crushed bone x-ray showed it had healed after 8weeks

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