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    Judy Noe

    I still have pain and stiffness in my knee. But my pain is more on the outer side. My knee feels weak and it feels like it wants to give on me when I turn certain ways. I am constantly having to remind myself to walk correctly. This gets tiring and I am tired of babying it. I’m just trying to figure out if this is normal at 4 months out or should I go back to my doctor. I haven’t seen him since he declared me well at 6 weeks. He didn’t recommend physical therapy. Appreciate any advise.

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    Looks like you and I are in about the same place. I’m 5 weeks post injury and did not require surgery. Based on what my doctor has told me, I don’t think that it is too early for you to start PWB and working toward FWB. The next time I see my doctor, I will be 7 weeks post injury and 6 weeks since I first saw him. I’ll get another set of x-rays at that time to check on the healing progress and he says there is a 50-50 chance that I’ll be cleared to start PWB and PT at that time. It seems that there is a big range in the type and severity of the fracture as well as individual differences in healing rates so then there is a pretty big range in when people are cleared to start weight bearing again. I’m trying hard not to get my hopes that I’ll be one of the fast healers but this waiting is really hard to take!

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    Vivian Barron

    Hope you are seeing a PT and that you got exercises to help you. MDs are best doing surgery and not so good at dealing with the other parts of healing. I’m writing you because there are not too many people who, like us, did not have surgery. I am 7 weeks post injury and being told to put 25% of my weight on the leg and to wrk up to 100% over the next few weeks. I fear it is too soon. Most people on this site and in the clinical guidelines have to wait up to 12 weeks. When did you start weight bearing and how did it go?

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