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    hey everyone! My name is yamal iam 26 M. i suffered a type 6 fracture on the 01/05/2014. (went running jumped off a wall that i normally do but some how fell directly on my left knee which took all the force) My CT scan report is as follows: There is an extensively comminuted fracture through the lateral tibial plateau with a fairly large fragment displaced laterally by 2.5cm and extensive fragmentation of the plateau articular surface. There is some depression in the surface of approximately 14mm.

    I was operated on 05/05/2014, because i also suffered compartment syndrome so my left leg was on ice 24/7 for four days straight. I have 2 plates and screws put in, 2 incisions below my left knee with fairly long stitches.

    The worst thing i have ever experienced, last year i suffered a lower back injury pinched nerve muscle spams, pain was bad but nothing compares to a tpf especially with compartment syndrome your whole leg is just tight and sore especially your calf ouch. After surgery i was put in a ROM brace, pain was manageable , i was discharged on the 08/05/2014. Now at home the first week i was on endone and voltaren so pain was not a big issue. My follow up was on 16/05/14 doctors didnt say much one set of stitches have been removed the other one was left for fluid drainage, that will be removed on the 23rd on my next visit. I have been off all medicine besides injections to my stomach for clotting.

    Its been roughly 2 1/2 weeks since my surgery i go through mood swings, i wont lie the first week i would just break out in tears for no reason, i feel so limited, not being able to shower without help, cook, move, just the normal things that i could do before my injury. sleeping is a nightmare i only get sleep in blocks of a few hours because of pain which is amplified at night (will be asking the doctors on my next visit if anything can be done about this). Iam quite blessed to have a Wonderful family that are taking care of me right now not forgetting my mates that call regularly to see how iam going.
    Iam a university student so university now is deferred not much to do really now just a waiting game….no physio has been started yet hopefully i can start doing some leg extensions at least.

    To be honest the more i read the more scared i get, people recover differently but i guess the minimum is a year. I cannot wait to start walking again and from what i hear its gonna be a long process with lots of physio, my concern is having a limp or not being able to recover fully from this injury. Reading everyones posts here is helpful its nice reading peoples progress i can not stress how much iam looking forward for 3 months to pass so i can start my physio and work towards getting my life back.

    will fill you guys in on my progress

    yamal xx
    Sydney Australia

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    Hi! I just found this forum. I had a severe TPF (I believe it was a type V), got 2 plates and 14 screws in it, then had them removed a year later. That was 4 years ago. I am still dealing with pain and have not walked further than 3 or 4 miles at a time. I have not run (my knee doesn’t move that quickly) and I can’t jump. I’m just wondering to hear updates from any of you if you happen to see this forum again.

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    Wow still NWB! I know during my recovery, the Dr and the PT were really surprised on how well I wawas healing and recovering. Good luck on the recovery

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    Hey Chris! Its quite scary to hear you almost lost your leg. I was told the same thing because i had serious compartment syndrome and doctor did mention the worst case scenario was amputation. My surgery was supposed to be 2hours but they had me in there for 6. Iam currently still NWB and i dont have a whole lot of pain, my rom is horrible as my knee is very stiff. Wishing u a speedy recovery.

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    I’m in the process of recovering from a TPF also that occurred Feb 1, 2014. The surgery was on Feb 2nd. The Dr never told me what degree mine was but he did say it was very severe. At 1st he said the surgery would take an hour to an hour and a half, five hours later he finished the operation. He also mentioned that halfway through the surgery he thought he was going to have to call in the vascular surgical team to amputate it at the knee. I have 1 plate with 26 pins and screws in my knee. I still have quite a bit of swelling and my range of motion is a lot better then they expected. It took me around 2 months before I could put any weight on it. I still have a few issues once in awhile with mobility. I have sharp pains on the back inside part of the knee almost constantly and a burning sensation in the center of my knee and along the outside front of my leg along my shin. I have another Dr appointment this coming Fri so I’ll find out what to do then. I’m thinking I’ll have to have some of the hardware removed. If anyone has similar symptoms, what have you done to fix them? And you are right about it being very painful. I broke my neck in 2001 and this injury was by far a lot more painful then that was. Almost had me in tears and I have a very very high tolerance for pain.

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    cheers for the advice and personal stories, its nice to relate with other tpfers.

    @jane yes its fully unlocked at the moment, i did ask they said to just move as much as it allows, no exercises were advised for me to the undertake besides the normal moving of ankles that you have mentioned. I havent been as active in the last few years interms of keeping fit etc…but i do enjoy running it sucks to hear that from the docs but i have put that down as a goal of mine for the future.

    @elaine i dont have a stationary bike 🙁 but i see how that would help. its really frustrating because my doctors have not said what actually i should be doing in these 6weeks, all that was said was to move it as much as i can. I have a feeling my physio is gonna be painful i can only bend just slightly at the moment things just get tight and uncomfortable.

    thank you for advice guys appreciate and wishing both of you a speedy recovery


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    Elaine R

    Yamal, do you have access to a stationary bike? Sitting there and rocking the pedals back and forth with my good leg, letting the bad one just go along for the ride while resting on the other pedal, was good for me. No more than 10 minutes at a time to start. Also, every day for the first 3 weeks after surgery, I lay for 4 hours a day flat on my back with my knee in a continuous passive motion machine; maybe your doctor or physical therapist can help you rent one? For me I did not do well with pushing past the pain in ROM manipulation during PT, and I insisted it stop after the 3rd day of screaming into a pillow. Working to the pain instead of through it was much better. Also doing a full set of whatever exercises they give me 2x a day, and then after exercises are done, rubbing cocoa butter lotion into the scarred areas and kneecap and then putting ice on the kneecap for 15-20 minutes.

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    Hi Yamal

    I too had a grade VI tpf and I’m just over 5 weeks post op so similar timing to yours. I had a full leg cast initially and a bregg brace fitted after 2 weeks. This was set to 30 degrees ROM initially and advanced to 90 degrees at my check last week. I go back next week when I’m hoping they’ll remove it and I can start physio though I believe I’ll still be non-weight bearing for another few weeks which, as you’ve mentioned is incredibly difficult emotionally as very limiting as to what you can do. Is your brace fully unlocked all the time? It might be worth asking your PT whether you can push yourself – I’ve been told just to keep moving my ankle (circles, alphabet traces etc when sitting) and I also massage my leg when I can as it’s very swollen where the brace doesn’t fasten so leg looks awful though consultant wasn’t worried at all with this and should sort itself out when I start weight bearing again. Sorry to hear you’ve been told you won’t be able to run again – must be tough to hear that if it’s something you normally enjoy.

    Wishing you all the best for a good recovery


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    hello again! had my 6week post op check up today, bittersweet news. My brace has been unlocked a welcomed change from keeping my left leg straight all the time. Xrays show that the bones are healing well however doctor did see some movement of the bone but he said it was a acceptable amount of movement no need for concern.My next check up is in 6weeks again, doctor has said they will start to get me walking so heaps excited for that day. Now the bad news my cartilage is in bad shape, have been told that my knee will be stiff and i will wear out whatevers left in will experience a lot of stiffness and pain in the near future and i will never run again 🙁 i will cross these boundaries when i face them, otherwise in good spirit and happy with progress so far.

    oh ive also noticed lumpy swelling on my leg and ankle aswell.

    i have questions, my brace is unlocked and at the moment i can only bend my knee to a certain point…any tips on how i can improve my ROM?? should i push myself when i reach the point where i cant bend anymore using just that knee??


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    hey Clare!
    thank you for the words of encouragement. How long did it take you to start walking with full weight bearing? Nice to hear you are doing well, i feel like iam doing prison time just counting the days till next appointment and the day i start physio lol


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    Hi Jamal – Hang in there, and I know everyone says that but it is true, your leg is in the process of healing and on the road to recovery. I suffered a TPF almost 3 years ago and under went a 7 hr surgery that resulted in a large plate and too many screws to count. Like you, I suffered emotionally from this because my mobility was taken from me and I totally had to depend on others to make it through the day on simple tasks that you generally take for granted. I was not able to bear weight on my leg for 6 weeks after surgery and once they gave me the go ahead it was like I had to learn to use that one leg all over again. I used a walker at first and then graduated to a cane to assist me. PT was awesome, a lot of hard work and pain but worth every minute of it. Now, almost 3 years out, my leg is 99% straight, no signs of anything when I walk and I can do a jog, ride bikes, ect…although I am very aware of the hardware in my leg it can sometimes limit me mentally and physically. I do feel soreness in my knee and foot when I over extended myself, but rest and ice (if needed) quickly resolves the issue. Aside from the ugly scar on the back of my calf, all is good. Remember, it is a long road to recovery but you will get there…stay positive 🙂

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    hey Glen cheers for the advice, i did ask my doctor and they where supposed to let me start moving my leg but he changed his mind towards the end of the consultation and said to wait another 3 weeks so now the 16/06/14. and youre right i take panadol now for pain not as moody as before. good to hear youre doing better i cannot wait to start taking those first steps…


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    Hi Yamal; I had the same injury as you on 1/27/13 – over a year ago. 2 weeks on a wound vac and three fasciotomy surgeries before they could repair the bone. My doctor had me doing non-weight bearing ROM a week after surgery. I would talk to your doc about that because the sooner you move it the better – talk to a physio. I would also get off the meds right a way. That’s what is making you so emotional. Better to have a stiff drink for the pain than the narcotics. Once you start walking in 12 weeks really work hard at your PT and you’ll get better fast. It took me about a year and I’m doing much better. Hang in ther buddy!

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    Hi Yamal, actually i,m doing fine! After 6 weeks i was allowed FWB, which i couldn,t of course, but i exercised a lot and i had physio twice a week. My pt had never met a patient with a TPF, so she didn’t give me particular workout, but i am creative and made my own schedule of exercises, i read many stories and implemented tips of fellow TPFers…
    After 5 month, i walk quite normal again, at first elderly people with walkers just raced me by, i ride my bike, ( since a few month already..)i cook, clean, do shoppings, take care of my children, started to work, and all the other things that make a ‘normal’ life.
    There are some limitations yet, which i’m determined to cross, like i cannot run, sit on my knees and i’m stiff when i get up in the morning or after sitting for awhile, but thats nothing compared to where i’ve been!
    Yesterday my wheelchair was picked up, it seems like a very long time already that i had to be wheeled in the world, i certainly learned a lot throughout this whole experience!
    Be patient and check out which other exercise you might do in this NWB episode of your life!
    Regards to you, Miriam

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    hey Miriam!! Thanks for the advice will definitely do those exercises religiously. how are you going at 5months? i would love to know how your progress has been, especially with physio and weight bearing?


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    Hi Yamal, hang in there! What might help even though you are NWB is to exercise a little. With turning your ankle in and outside and flex and point your foot you strengthen muscles and improve your circulation. I had a fracture type 6 like you, not as many complications though and am now 5 month post op. When i was NWB i did a lot of little workouts which help against swelling of foot and leg later when you can put weight on your foot again.
    It is a very very personal experience and humbling as well as you mentioned.
    Take care and keep up the spirit!

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    hello again!

    had another check up today at the fracture clinic, was hoping they would let me start bending my knee but doctor has advised to keep my leg straight in the ROM brace for another 3 weeks (total of 6 before i can start bending). Stitches were removed didnt really hurt but was annoying and uncomfortable. My leg has shrunk so much no muscle left…really worrying but was assured i would eventually get most of it back when i start physio.

    just a waiting game now another 3weeks till my next check up, was told today that i cant put any weight on it for a total of 12 weeks, iam a quarter way there cannot wait to actually start strengthening my leg and take those first few steps. this injury is a humbling experience, learned so much about myself and life in general over the last few weeks.

    till my next visit to the docs

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