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Hi Julie, I am now 6 months out from my surgery for a comminuted TPF. And I can honestly say I am 90% healed. I can walk, but sometimes I still have a limp. I EXPECT my leg to support me and no longer feel unstable. I can swim, climb a ladder, walk my 100-lb. dog, balance myself on a boat, and even dance a bit. Even went out to dinner last week and wore cute shoes! Still have my hardware (plate and screws) and it doesn’t bother me. My legs now look the same size and shape and if the scar is covered, nobody can tell which leg got hurt. I would not have believed during NWB that I would ever get to this point! And by the way, I wasn’t some young healthy athlete when the accident happened. I am a 60 year old recently retired office worker, so I was mostly sedentary and out of shape. If I can do it, you can too!