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I am in a very similar situation. I broke my tibia plateau at work in September. Spent 10 days in the hospital. Had 3 surgeries total. With external fixiation to begin with. Then two following surgeries to put metal plates and screws in. The x fix was removed during the third surgery.
I stayed with my parents for 1 1/2 months cause I’m divorced and live alone. After that I went back to my house. I was nwb for 11 weeks and used a walker. Then started bearing some weight and began with crutches. Started using a cane a couple weeks ago. But currently am back to crutches.
I started driving after I was using crutches. As well as showering like a normal person again.
When I was first out of the hospital I stayed in bed mostly and elevated my leg. But over that time before I got the stitches out and started physical therapy I lost a lot of extension. It’s taken 28 pt visits to get to 7’ extension. I was walking pretty good with a cane and doing short walks without one.
Then this past Monday I heard a pop in my knee and the pain started as well I lost movement of my leg for the most part. The next morning when I got out of bed it popped again, and I felt fine again. After pt Wednesday where the therapist did cupping followed by scraping the leg to break up scar tissue. Then a good long bending session. I was at 7’ and it felt sore. By Wednesday night I got out my crutches cause I couldn’t walk with a cane anymore. My leg felt dead and I could barely lift it, as well my extension decreased. I have a very high pain tolerance so if I say it’s a 5 that’s a lot.
So Friday my 2 therapists said it was a combination of scar tissue breaking up and pushing it hard at pt. I also joined a gym and started using the stationary bikes there for about 40 minutes 3 nights a week.
Today is 4 months to the day I broke it. And Iv realized this is going to be a long road to recovery. I felt like I was in prison when I was stuck at home and couldn’t work, drive etc. days felt like 48 hours not 24. I went back to work the last week of November. Used a walker that week and my parents took me to work. Felt great to get back to working and even better the week later to drive again.
I’m 43 and can definitely say this was a life changing injury. I’m a better person because of it. And it got me out of the last bit of my divorce funk.
The pain this week has definitely been a setback and upsetting. I’m going to use crutches this week. Postpone pt for a week and take it easy and ice a lot. Then get back after it. Finding this forum is great!