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It’s been a bit since I got on here to read up on everyone.
I’m 7 months post op right now. When I first got home from 10 days in the hospital and 3 surgeries later. I also struggled to sleep at first. It was both the night pain and not being able to get comfortable. From being in bed so much. I really didn’t want to rely on pain medication. So I only took a pill the first 12 nights at home. After that I just tuffed it out. Or took a couple ibuprofen. Sleep got better after awhile. But up until recently I would still wake up in pain or just not comfortable in the middle of the night. It does get better though.
My biggest struggle now is swelling in my knee and rom. At physical therapy I can get my leg to 3’ with the therapist pushing on it. But still stuck around 10-12’ without. I was told by the surgeon to expect swelling and muscle contraction for up to a year. Definitely not great to hear but Iv really tried to take a positive approach to it. On the bright side Iv lost 48 pounds since my fall. And weigh 198 for the first time in 12 years. I still use a cane 80% of the time. But recently Iv done some yard work, mowed the lawn, and worked on my truck. As well as getting a couple steps up and down a ladder. Baby steps but huge in the big picture of things. Considering I was using a walker up to December 1st. I still have to take breaks when I do stuff and elevate my leg for a bit. Like a couple of you have said. The rebuilding the muscle loss is critical. My therapist said the quad muscle is what I personally need to focus on. Definitely can relate to all of your stories and situations.