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Hello all,
I am 8 weeks post surgery to repair my 2 Right Leg Tibia fractures . My Dr. allowed me last week to go full weight bearing as tolerated . He suggested using two crutches for a week waking on affected leg, 1 crutch for 2 weeks then no crutch , maybe use a cain in needed after . Generally my quad and knee muscles are weaker but gaining strength in therapy / Home PT . I have 2 questions :

1. My affected knee when I walk does appear somewhat distended in comparison to my non injured leg and it’s knee . Is this normal for others , I know I still have some swelling but was curious of this went down with time?

2. After 4 weeks of PT my Dr made me FWB as tolerated , he was a little concerned that my knee flexion was just a bit under 90 degrees and mentioned a potential procedure called manipulation under anesthesia. I’m not keen on going back under general anesthesia to be bent. I am getting a dynasplint as well hoping this will help so I can avoid MUA. If I can get past 90 degrees is MUA still wanted ?

Thanks ,