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Hi Ali –

Some Qs for all you beautiful people:

i. What should i expect in terms of pain from here on? I’m just taking the random Advil every now and then, when there is moderate pain

If you’re being helped by Advil and have only occasional pain you are very lucky! The pain may vary, but it tends to be less over time, and it sounds like you’re already having very little.

ii. Did anyone of you use compression socks (or similar) for swelling? If so, when did you start using them?

Yes. I didn’t need them in the early stages, but as I moved around more and my leg was down more, I experienced swelling. My PT confirmed that was normal, and as it gets used more while healing, she said their would be swelling. I do use them during the day when needed, but not at night.

They help and are comfortable.

iii. When should i expect to start driving again?

This is a question for your OS, and depends on if you have a manual or automatic transmission.

iv. What sports amongst cycling, tennis, skiing did anyone return too, and how soon?

I’m 12 weeks out and just began weight bearing. Activities for me are spinning, body pump, HIIT, yoga and golf – i.e., less aggressive than you – and advice I’ve received is that I should be able to do all of those things eventually – but at full strength could take 12-36 months.