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Hi all. I am 35 and fractured my lateral tibial plateau while dismounting my horse.. Just an awkward landing ona knee that was already cartilage deficient. I’m three weeks post op and am going crazy! I am a very active person and sitting at home is killing me. Ruined my whole summer. My os says I may ride in three months… But I’m not counting on it. I’m frustrated BC of the lack of PT my OS had told me to do (really NOT do). Does anyone have advice? I know the fracture is very delicate right now..and besides plate and screws I have cadaver bone in my knee. So I know I have to be careful… But how can I just let my leg atrophy! What exercises have other people find safely_? Any riders out there please tell me.. Good things! I’ve been riding my whole life and can’t imagine not and or losing my horse. Sigh.