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Here’s my story: tomorrow will mark 8 months since my surgery. A few days before that I was hit by car while walking my dog and crossing the street (my dog was fine). The driver was turning left and claims she never saw me so she didn’t even brake. It was noon on a sunny day and I was walking a dog so I still don’t understand how someone could not see me! But I digress… I feel very lucky to have survived since I also sustained a fractured skull and a brain bleed. I still have some neurological issues though am mostly back to myself. It’s been a loooooong 8 months and I still have a long way to go. Especially with my leg. I have a plate and 8 or 9 screws in my left tibia plateau. Things seemed to have healed well enough but now I have signs of osteoporosis from lack of use (that will hopefully go away as I get more active) and have a good chance of developing arthritis due to cartilege damage. My biggest struggle is getting my ROM back. I was 37 at the time of the accident and have a 6 year old son so I was quite active before. I’m now at 113 degrees flexion when I really push it. I still can’t fully extend which means standing for any length of time is agony. My right hip is starting to hurt from compensating so much. My surgeon is sending me to a colleague for a consult and I may need arthroscopic surgery to relieve some scar tissue. In the meantime, more aggressive PT and am also doing myofascial release massage therapy and using a JAS brace 4 times a day. I’ve struggled with frustration and mild depression as this has affected my whole life. I’m also dealing with a lawyer and insurance, etc… I feel lucky to be living in Canada so my treatment and coverage has been great but I’m self-employed so it’s really hard to do some of my work but I feel I need to in order to keep my business going. If anyone has positive stories that my ROM will come back and I will be able to ride a bike, ski and go rock climbing one day, that would be awesome. My surgeon said it might be as good as it gets and that was depressing to hear so I’m refusing to listen. For those just starting this lovely journey, hang in there! One thing I did in the early days was learn to knit. Because of my head injury, I couldn’t read or stare at a screen so this helped me feel productive. Many people received scarves last Christmas! 🙂