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hello again! had my 6week post op check up today, bittersweet news. My brace has been unlocked a welcomed change from keeping my left leg straight all the time. Xrays show that the bones are healing well however doctor did see some movement of the bone but he said it was a acceptable amount of movement no need for concern.My next check up is in 6weeks again, doctor has said they will start to get me walking so heaps excited for that day. Now the bad news my cartilage is in bad shape, have been told that my knee will be stiff and i will wear out whatevers left in will experience a lot of stiffness and pain in the near future and i will never run again 🙁 i will cross these boundaries when i face them, otherwise in good spirit and happy with progress so far.

oh ive also noticed lumpy swelling on my leg and ankle aswell.

i have questions, my brace is unlocked and at the moment i can only bend my knee to a certain point…any tips on how i can improve my ROM?? should i push myself when i reach the point where i cant bend anymore using just that knee??