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Hi Yamal

I too had a grade VI tpf and I’m just over 5 weeks post op so similar timing to yours. I had a full leg cast initially and a bregg brace fitted after 2 weeks. This was set to 30 degrees ROM initially and advanced to 90 degrees at my check last week. I go back next week when I’m hoping they’ll remove it and I can start physio though I believe I’ll still be non-weight bearing for another few weeks which, as you’ve mentioned is incredibly difficult emotionally as very limiting as to what you can do. Is your brace fully unlocked all the time? It might be worth asking your PT whether you can push yourself – I’ve been told just to keep moving my ankle (circles, alphabet traces etc when sitting) and I also massage my leg when I can as it’s very swollen where the brace doesn’t fasten so leg looks awful though consultant wasn’t worried at all with this and should sort itself out when I start weight bearing again. Sorry to hear you’ve been told you won’t be able to run again – must be tough to hear that if it’s something you normally enjoy.

Wishing you all the best for a good recovery