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Hi John

I smashed my tibia and broke my fibia (grade VI on Schatzker scale) at the end of April but they couldn’t operate for 10 days due to swelling. I was also in full leg cast initially and am now in a full leg brace which has adjustable range of movement and fasteners you can open. My leg is a really odd shape now as goes in where the fasteners are and swollen inbetween (looks like a model balloon animal that’s come undone is the best way I can describe it – very attractive!). The range of movement was initially set to 30 degrees then to 90 last week and hopefully they’ll remove it all together at next check next week. With regard to shin and surrounding muscles, mine are also very tight and nerve endings seem to have been affected which I guess is to be expected given the trauma of putting a plate and screws in – hopefully sensation will come back in due course. Keep positive and try to keep your leg elevated when sitting to try to reduce swelling (you’re probably doing this anyhow). I also try to do circles with my ankle and draw alphabet when sitting to hopefully keep muscles flexing as much as possible whilst non-weight bearing (hopefully move to PWB or FWB in a few weeks).

Take care