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Elaine R

Yamal, do you have access to a stationary bike? Sitting there and rocking the pedals back and forth with my good leg, letting the bad one just go along for the ride while resting on the other pedal, was good for me. No more than 10 minutes at a time to start. Also, every day for the first 3 weeks after surgery, I lay for 4 hours a day flat on my back with my knee in a continuous passive motion machine; maybe your doctor or physical therapist can help you rent one? For me I did not do well with pushing past the pain in ROM manipulation during PT, and I insisted it stop after the 3rd day of screaming into a pillow. Working to the pain instead of through it was much better. Also doing a full set of whatever exercises they give me 2x a day, and then after exercises are done, rubbing cocoa butter lotion into the scarred areas and kneecap and then putting ice on the kneecap for 15-20 minutes.