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Hello Everyone!
I am a 34 year old mother of 4, happily married, and I am currently 6 weeks post-op with my TPF repair surgery. (2 plates, 8 screws and a bone graft) Like many others have mentioned, this is the hardest thing my family and I have ever been through. My husband and I were on a date at a local skatepark. Our 4 kids were home with the babysitter. I fractured my tibial plateau stepping off a skateboard trying to break my fall. I was not being reckless or trying a crazy trick, I just lost my balance at the end of a one foot high drop in. I know it seems irresponsible of me to be on a skateboard if I have kids, but I had full pads and a helmet on and I was simply trying to do something my husband and I could enjoy together. Plus I have always been a very active, athletic person. I am so grateful for modern medicine, my surgeon, my husband and kids, my church, my friends, my family, my ice machine, my wheelchair, the thousands of lessons I am learning through this to make me a better person… nevertheless it is tough to say the least. Especially having 5 other people in your life depending on you for so much including a 16 month old toddler, it has been humbling for all of us. Hoping for the best possible though with recovery!