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Norma Donovan

Just came across this page, glad to know I am not alone in my misery. Hit by a large golden retriever to L knee last Friday June 6 th, had surgery on Junes 13 thm plate screws and a 10 week non weightbearing status. Day 5/70 definitely better than day one but I am struggling with everything. I am female, 50 and fat so activities of daily living are a challenge. Any tips any advise any information that you think will help me I’m game. I live in a basement entry home 14 stairs which I bum up and then at the top struggle to get off the ground on my one leg. I use a low footstool and then slide into the wheelchair. The wheelchair is too wide to get to bedroom bathroom etc. my good leg seems so weak. I can get from sit to stand in wheelchair but getting off the bed is very difficult. I want to get stronger and be more independent, feel so incredibly weak and alone.
Do I just use walker, crutches are impossible for this fatty, the walker works. I get so tired walking 20 feet. Do I just do what I need to or should I practice non weightbearing on walker as much as possible. If I could get out of bed with greater ease I could get to the bathroom no problem. I have a raise toilet seat, I have to get a pillow under me on the bed inorder to have just a bit of height to get up on one leg.
Any exercises I should be doing in bed? At this stage I spend most of my day in bed? Should I spend most of day in wheelchairs?
I am an rn, I’m not as tupid person and cannot believe that I am here. I am 5’9″ so not a shorty. But the weight is really making this hard. I am presently on a very healthy eating regime, trying to eat to heal but also to lose to make this process easier., any ideas would be appreciated, norma