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My date of surgery was 28th March. I hv 4 fractures n one dislocation. Hav two titanium plates fitted wid screws to align all the broken pieces together. So m one week frm completion of the 12 week period of NW(NON WEIGHT BEARING) I was so anxious to knw if my bones have healed that I tried putting weight on this broken leg only to have excruciating pain. I now feel that I will probably take a few more months to be able to walk normally. And that is extremely depressing. I have two small kids send am a single mother. And worst no help at home. I had not even come out of the separation and this accident happened. I was riding my bike and got hit by a truck. I am really thankful to God that none of my kids were with me and that it’s just my leg broken and am alive. But I just want to know as to how soon can I begin to walk without any support and all. Atleast in the house since it is a complex. Surgery that I underwent. My kids are missing me as I am irritated all.the time because of my handicap. I hope I find support in this group. Thnk u