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Hello everyone! So, I’m new to the TPF group & I’m so happy to have u all as my new friends. I sooooooo needed this. Good to know there are others who literally feel my pain {^_~} Anyhoo… my injury occurred on 12/12/13 in the Bahamas of all places. It was my 1st time visiting the beautiful beach of The Atlantis resort. Well, that beauty quickly turned into a beast. Moments after arriving to the beach, I was attempting (never actually made it in) to get into the water & lo & behold here comes a big rush of a monster wave (the beast) & knocked me over. It seemed like I was the only one in a Tsunami. I hit the sand so hard & was tossed around a bit & ended with a broken leg. It happened so fast, my husband & friends didn’t realize I was actually hurt. That is until they saw I couldn’t get up. FF .. I honestly thought at first it was just a bad sprain.. ended up being transported to a local hospital to find out it was a TPF which I’d never heard of before. Needless to say.. needed surgery but I refused & don’t recommend having surgery in the local Bahamian hospital (worst hospital I’ve ever seen) (another whole story in itself).. I still had a few more days before I could get home.. so I was put in a full leg cast (old timely & hideous) smh & a joke of pain meds .. FF..finally make it home ..had to spend Christmas & my New Year in the hospital. Ended up with 5 screws & a plate in my leg. Thanks to family & friends, made the best of the worst thing I’ve faced in my life. I’d rather have given birth 10 times on the same day than to deal with this injury. So, I tried very hard to be as positive as I knew how.. never expected to face the emotional roller coaster I’ve experienced. After the 3 months of NWB, PT was in full throttle & made a lot of progress accept w my ROM. I couldn’t get past 40 degrees for so long it was depressing. On May 9th, my doc did the MUA & got me to 130 degrees. Yahoo!!!! Today, on my own I get to 115 to 120 & w help 125. I’m happy that I’m finally bending again but still dealing w a lot of stiffness & pain. My PT keeps reminding me of how serious this injury is and it would prob be at least a yr of hard work to get good. I know it’s gonna take time but there’s lots of frustrated moments. I’ve probably cried more over this than anything. I have a keep it moving attitude in front of everyone else… but boy oh boy sometimes when I’m by myself, I get so mad, sad & angry that this is going on w me. I’m a very active person & it can be mentally draining sometimes that I’m not able to do what I’m used to. However, I’ve become very creative at how I do somethings :)) I really thought that I was developing real depression & I didn’t know how to cope. Pain is constant & I’m tired of taking meds bcuz they seem to be useless at times. I hate that it has to be “pain management”. I’ve literally taken more pills in the last 6 months than I have in my 42 yrs of life {^_~} But now.. Seeing your stories really inspires me & gives me hope that it’s gonna be fine again. I didn’t know this injury and the journeys of recovery were so common. Although I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy… it’s comforting to know, I’m not ALONE & there are many who understand what I’m facing{^_~} ..woooooo!!! This was therapeutic just typing this out. ~Peace-n-Blessings everyone!!!