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I’m in the process of recovering from a TPF also that occurred Feb 1, 2014. The surgery was on Feb 2nd. The Dr never told me what degree mine was but he did say it was very severe. At 1st he said the surgery would take an hour to an hour and a half, five hours later he finished the operation. He also mentioned that halfway through the surgery he thought he was going to have to call in the vascular surgical team to amputate it at the knee. I have 1 plate with 26 pins and screws in my knee. I still have quite a bit of swelling and my range of motion is a lot better then they expected. It took me around 2 months before I could put any weight on it. I still have a few issues once in awhile with mobility. I have sharp pains on the back inside part of the knee almost constantly and a burning sensation in the center of my knee and along the outside front of my leg along my shin. I have another Dr appointment this coming Fri so I’ll find out what to do then. I’m thinking I’ll have to have some of the hardware removed. If anyone has similar symptoms, what have you done to fix them? And you are right about it being very painful. I broke my neck in 2001 and this injury was by far a lot more painful then that was. Almost had me in tears and I have a very very high tolerance for pain.