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Hi, I had 8 screws and plate inserted on March 11th due to a skiing accident, I am 48 and quite athletic.

Last week (14 weeks post surgery) I started to walk short distances unaided and use a wakking cain when needed.

The leg is totally usless for 12 weeks and you must never ‘test’ the bone by trying some weight on it.

I am also cycling everywhere and driving my car. Walking is actually the hardest thing to do. Cycling (slowly and carefully) is really good for exercise and stretching to reduce stiffness.

The only reason I can do these things is due to the physio during those first 12 weeks. The exercises must be done every day otherwise the leg will not be ready to use once the bone has strengthened. Patience and hard work is your best friend… matter how annoying.

My physio will last a year at which time I shoud be able to do a full gym work out.

The really annoying thing is the swelling of the leg especially the foot. It will reduce but not until the leg is being used.

My knee is still swollen and stiff. The only thing to do is stretching and strengthening. My cartilage is damaged and further keyhole surgery may be needed.

Put simply, do the physio and have patience……and watch out for the weight gain.

John (England)