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Nicole, I started getting nerve pain about two weeks after. I am 11-wks post op and still get minimal nerve pain, but not as bad as I did early on. After the surgery the OS did tell me I was going to experience the nerve pain, but thank the good Lord the home health nurse talk to my doctor in getting my some nerve medication. I am assuming the nerve pain will probably continue until we get full feeling back. It is nice to have someone to rub my leg/foot which seems to help when i dont want to take the meds. In the beginjng, i was getting major heat and pain in my foot/leg, but the heat issue has resolved early on. Hang in there. I know it can be frustrating and frightening, but it will pass.

Another situtation I was getting was major muscle spams and I was concern that was going to lead to a charlie horse and thought that would be bad because I am NWB for 3-months. Fortunately, when I left the hospital I was prescribed medication for muscle spams