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When I first started FWB it was very difficult and the knee did feel like it would collapse. Added to that my ankle was very painful as it hadn’t been used for so long and the ligaments basically seized up!

I think the initial stages of walking includes some confidence issues. Considering what we have been though the last 3 months simply dropping the crutches and walking is not easy. It is literally one step at a time.

However after 2 or 3 the knee pain does reduce and the muscles strengthen making like easier. I still limp and use a walking cain when the knee feels under stress. I expect to use the cain occasionally for another 4 weeks.

Cycling is however very easy? It strengthens the knee without the impact of walking……just be very careful.

The ankle being flexible helped my knee and confidence enormously.

If you haven’t done this already, try placing your foot a couple of inches from a wall and then without lifting your heel touch the wall with your knee. Do it with your good leg first to see the difference in how far your foot can be placed from the wall.

Good luck