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I thought I had posted my story but I guess it landed somewhere else. I’m 54 years old and on June 08 I was hit on my motorcycle by a U turning driver. The left bumper squished my leg and I suffered a TPF which required a plate and 9 screws. The fibula was also broken at the throat which is no big thing. The surgery went well and I left the hospital the next day after displaying my skills at managing crutches. I have a 3mm deformity which I don’t really understand. I’m wearing a brace which allows for a little less than 90 degrees of movement.
I weaned myself off the pain meds after a week. I’m sitting at home, being looked after by my wife. The weather is sunny and warm. My attitude is good. I find sleeping difficult, because of the brace. I see my OS mid August and we will go from there.