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Hi Lucy!
I too am 4 1/2 months post my TPF. My injury occurred 2/20. I was sking, caught an edge and straddled a tree. 🙁 Knew immediately that I had broken my tib/fib, but never knew how badly I had done it. I also had compartment syndrome, although mine presented much quicker. I was rushed from the ED to the OR for the fasciotomies and ex fix placement. Had 2 more surgeries in that stay, along with 2 blood transfusions. I was then discharged home after 10 days for 1 week, then returned for my 4th and final surgery and another 4 day stay. I have 3 plates and countless screws. I was set up with a CPM machine the day I got home and had that for 6 weeks, day by day increasing my ROM. I went the full 12 weeks non-weight bearing, then prgoressed pretty quickly from walking with both crutches, to 1, on to a cane and now nothing 🙂 I have been walking with no assistive devices for about 2 1/2 weeks, my limp is improving, and I am finding that I have more pain in my foot and ankle then I do in my knee. I have PT 2x a week and have only been doing that for the past 3 weeks. I do have significant pain behind my patella with some strength excersises. And swelling, holy pitting edema! Everyday!!! Ugh! Any ideas when that will go away?
Day by Day, just keep telling myself, but life changing for sure.

Keep up the good work!