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I suffered a tibia plateau fracture type II, I was told I’d need surgery but it didn’t happen as the consultant said l was too fat ( l am slightly over weight) and have seen a lot larger people have surgery, this happened 20 March 2014 l was sent home in a leg brace unable to use crutches, I had to bum shuffle up the stairs, I wasn’t seen until 11 weeks later had X-ray and was told to walk. I was shown some exercises to do and referred to physio, l left barely able to move on the crutches. My physio was concerned that l wasn’t very mobile considering the injury was 121/2 weeks old when l first saw her, she has referred me to hydrotherapy because my knee locks and my gait is poor. 14 weeks on no real improvement in mobility except l can use crutches to get up and down the stairs, moving a bit better on crutches consultant told me l should be walking and driving , can l really if l can’t bend my leg. Is this normal treatment for a patient and recovery.