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Karen Lou

Man, I’d fire my doctor after receiving treatment like that! I have been seeing an orthopedist every month since my tpf, started seeing him less than a week after initial injury (April 3rd). Xrays at every visit, cat scan immediately after 1st visit.
I’ve been fwb since Monday, 31st of June. Did good on that first day, walked into ortho’s office using a cane and walking almost normal, didn’t last all day, by the afternoon, I was back to a walker (highly suggest getting a walker, so much easier than crutches!). It’s been touch and go since. Some days, I get out of bed and can get by with a cane, but, doesn’t last all day. I’ve been on the walker almost all day today. I guess I was under the impression, once you were fwb it would get better daily, not the case. I’m more than a little disappointed that my ortho didn’t alert me to how difficult the recovery time is after this injury. But, since I found this web site, I get a much better idea as to the reality and don’t feel like a failure because I’m not just walking around like I could before.