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Karen Lou

Boy, do I know how you feel! TPF (left leg) on the 3rd of April, almost to the day March 28th-6 years earlier, I broke my left kneecap. Surgery, 3 screws, purple cast (Vikings fan) for 6 weeks, surgery to remove adhesions, foam cast for another 6 weeks. Ain’t life grand? It’s hard to maintain a good attitude, a couple months ago, I woke up, looked down at my stupid leg and cried, had a nice little pity party all by myself. Sometimes we just have to do that, if we can’t feel sorry for ourselves, who will? But, the frustration is the worst-I live by myself and it drives me ape sh**, can’t vacuum, sweep while balancing on one leg. Can’t get out and feed the birds, mow the lawn, all the things that were so easy and are now unattainable. Get tired of asking people to go to the grocery store for me, take my garbage and recycling down to the curb. And then, we think the recovery is going to be a slam dunk-WRONG! Recovery time from my broken knee cap is going to seem easy in comparison to this. But, after reading other people’s stories, I’m pretty lucky, my TPF was non-displaced.