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Karen Lou

Sorry to hear about your accident. TPF’s are a serious injury, and a lot of people don’t realize how long the recovery process is. In another post, I read that someone’s physio had them doing lunges. Can’t believe that! My orthopedic surgeon told me -ABSOLUTELY NO LUNGES, NO SQUATS!! Puts too much strain on the knee and meniscus.
Anytime I get on this site and post, I tell people-get a walker, it makes it so much easier to motivate, balance and you’re not always retrieving your crutches when they fall over. Also, easier on the shoulders, my ortho had told me to get a walker otherwise, after a couple months (or less) you’ll start having shoulder problems.
Just take care, do what your doctor tells you, above all: maintain patience and come to this web site to vent your frustration, it really helps.
Good Luck