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Hi Cyndie

Hope you’re doing better now and the pain has eased. I had tpf on 27 April on left knee – smashed tibia (grade VI) and broken fibia. I’ve been PWB for last 3 weeks and also have pain under knee cap and to the inside – it’s not continuous and feels as though it’s very badly bruised – think this is due to bruised nerve endings as everything else is plated/pinned.

I agree with you that noone really knows what you’re going through and it’s soooooo frustrating – am ok most of the time and am dealing with the boredome etc better now but can only do basic physio to strengthen quads & hamstring as they’ve pretty much wasted away. Back to see surgeon again next week so hoping to be given the go ahead for FWB so that I can start more intense physio and hopefully start walking and driving again as at the moment, I can’t imagine walking again.

Take care