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I’m in a bit of a tight spot with that, so I guess I’m switching over to light rant mode. I live in Canada so one of the downsides of our socialized healthcare is copious amounts of waiting. I don’t have a doctor for this fracture yet (although I was seen by four different ones on two occasions for the leg), just my family doctor. I have my first appointment this Friday morning at the fracture clinic, which I suppose is where I’ll get a doctor’s name and number I can use.

I actually called the hospital today to try and procure a wheelchair, and was told none of them on staff could fax over a letter to the Red Cross because they hadn’t seen me. Last time I went in on Sunday, it was a two-hour wait to see someone. So, it’s still a little warm, but no massive increase of pain, which is what the doc on Sunday said would be a warning sign.

Sometimes, I wish I just had wads of cash I could throw at this to make everything go away.