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Karen Lou

I started doing leg lifts immediately after 1st ortho appointment (about a week after fracture)-worked up to 400 straight-leg lifts a day. What kind of fracture do you have, mine was non-displaced. Are you in a brace so you can’t bend your knee and possibly damage the top of the tibia? I was, the doctor told me – total straight leg for about 2 months, then brace was adjusted so I could start bending my leg- I was still NWB at this time. But, I started doing the leg lifts soon after my injury. I was told to take 1 350mg aspirin a day to prevent blood clots and move my foot around in circles, back and forth. Then after a month or so, I started doing isometric exercises of the calf and thigh muscles, just isolating them and squeezing. As soon as my brace was adjusted (started out at 45% but quickly worked up to 90%), I started doing knee bends and other ROM exercises. So, to wrap this up, I was NWB for 2 months, now I’m supposed to be FWB, but, it’s been a bugger! Two steps forward, one step back-on a cane for a day, then, back to the walker. Guess that’s the way to go, listen to your body and don’t hurt yourself or set yourself back. Sorry if this post was a little bit rambling, but, I hope it helps. When in doubt, call your doctor, that’s what we pay them for!