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Hi Christina

I had my accident 28 April and still am not FWB (was type VI and needed surgery – I’m due back to the surgeon this week and have been PWB for past 3.5 weeks (when I asked exactly what this means, was told to imagine you were stepping on a pane of glass = not very much!) All injuries are as individual as we are so there isn’t such thing as “normal” for our recovery. I’ve found this journey very frustrating at times but try to look at how far I’ve come in 11 weeks. I’ve got a Breggs brace that I can remove when resting and sleeping but the most frustrating thing by far for me (apart from not being able to drive for so long) is not being able to carry things except in carrier bags etc ;-).

Keep your chin up, I’m sure we’ll get there. Good to have a site like this as it helps to know that you’re not on your own.

All the best, Jane