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Hi Bryan: The cast sucks! I feel like my leg is the punchline to every movie comedy 🙁 Mentally, I’m able to take my mind off any itchiness and I finally found a position in the car that’s comfortable (plus, I got to personally design the cast and choose the colours), but I’m counting down the minutes until it comes off, even if just to put a new one on.

Hi Karen: At the next fracture clinic appointment, I’m going to ask just why it’s three months and if surgery’s possible a better alternative. It’s a comminuted intra-articular TPF with 6mm depression, and the fibula doesn’t line up with the femur on the CT scans — it sticks out to the side of it.

Hi Lisa: Gosh, until September at least! My cousin very kindly pointed out to me that I’ll be non-walking until Christmas — great news to hear, eh? And it can be so frustrating to not put weight on it so the bone can heal, and I’ve even dreamt of walking normally, which doubly sucks.

Hi Jane: In your case, was surgery a necessity or something you chose? The doctor told me I’m 50-50 in needing surgery or not. If you chose surgery, was it because it offered a more efficient healing process? And did you have the leg brace before and after surgery, or was that a “reward” for your leg getting better? Did you ever have a full-leg cast, too? I like your analogy about the pane of glass, by the way — great visual.