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Hi Christina

Surgery for me was a necessity rather than a choice as my tibia was smashed and fibia broken and have had to have a plate and pins etc to fix it in place so have a 1.5cm scar on the outside of my knee and a 20cm one on the inside of my leg from knee down – not v pretty but have been told it’s a “good scar” and should heal well in time. I initially had a full leg cast when I went into hospital that they split to check on swelling (they couldn’t operate for 11 days as my knee was too swollen which was agony). After surgery I was put in a full leg cast again for 2 weeks then a full leg brace which is the one I’m still wearing – it was initially set to 30 degree ROM for 2 weeks then increased to 90 degrees. I had to keep it like that for 2 weeks until last visit when they gave me free ROM with it. My knee is still very swollen and it feels like there’s a tight band around my kneee which is restricting my ROM further.

The range of emotions I’ve been through is quite broad from self pity to fairly positive. I do get some comfort from other postings as it makes you realise there are lots of others out there. With my accident, I fell off a ladder onto concrete flags whilst helping my husband build a pergola in the garden so could have paralysed myself or worse………. that’s what I have to keep telling myself to try to stay positive :-).

Wishing you a good recovery