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This year is 10 years since my TPF accident. I was actually hit by a wave in Maui while on vacation. Standing in knee deep water, the wave came in and just pushed the right way on my knee. I felt that warm sensation you get when you hurt your bones. Noticed I couldn’t walk and thought I just twisted or sprain my knee. My knee never swelled up or bruised. We grabbed some crutches and went on with our vacation.

Flew to the big island and had some x-rays done. TPF!! Flew home a few days later and meet my new surgeon. He was wonderful and put in a plate and 4 screws. Rehab was hard. 6 weeks non- weight baring and then a pretty slow recovery after that.

10 years later, I am hiking, doing yoga and running. I do get random knee pain, especially when it is cold out. But for the most part, I am happy with my progress. I did have to have meniscus surgery 5 years after the first surgery, but that was a piece of cake compared to the TPF surgery.

I think this changed my life, but also made me get back up and dust myself off to prove that I would do everything I loved again and more.

This is a great site. Good tips and great way to share the recovery.