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First of all…Thank you so much for this site!!!! I was doing some research to find more exercises to build up my leg and stumbled onto your site and I just got lost in it!! LOVE IT!!
I was walking my dog and a Pitbull came on a dead run and plowed into the side of my leg. Result: crushed my tibia plateau and fractured my tibia. I have a steel plate, six screws and cadaver tissue. I have been 8 weeks NWB at this point…4 more weeks to go!!!! I feel I am lucky as I see all these posts about casts and braces and I never had a cast and the only time I had a brace was when I was waiting for my surgery. I am doing my own rehab at home at this point. I am bending at about 105-110 degrees and pretty close to completely straightening it out. My big concern is building up my hamstring safely. I am really trying to avoid Physical Therapy as much as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions to safely build up that hamstring? I have always had muscular legs (before accident) and it was just good genetics….lol So, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!!