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Hi Rob,
my surgery was 15 months ago – fell off some rocks while hiking – and had a plate and 9 screws put in to repair my TPF. Obviously, you know first hand how hard recovery is and full recovery? at this point I am doubtful. I also have fairly constant hip and lower back pain and attribute that to my erratic stride and residual limp (which most don’t notice but I can feel is not entirely fluid). I have been able to return to hiking, downhill is a slow go, but doing yoga seems to help the most with my back & hip. I try to modify extreme back muscle poses and feel that this is probably the only activity that has brought me some relief, pain relievers aside. I also sleep with an extra pillow as a vertical body pillow and find this helps a bit. Hoping to find more improvement as time goes on and wish you the best in dealing and with your own personal recovery.