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I have been doing the same kind of exercise as you, however not alone. While lying on my stomach, the physiotherapist tries to push my bent knee as close as possible to my buttocks.
After 8 months I am still 16-20 cm apart. It was/is indeed most of the time painful.
The surgeon told us however not to push too hard, for as long as the plate is in my knee/leg it is impossible to reach the maximum flexibility, since there simply is no space enough.
As I practise yoga, I had no problem at all to touch my buttock with my toes when lying on my stomach until the day of my accident.

To all of you,

Two weeks ago I had an appointment with another surgeon for a second opinion.
He advised me to wear my brace again, which my own surgeon had told me to leave off already months ago. To my great relief and joy, the daily pain diminished considerably! So I am wearing my brace again from morning till evening.
I also had a ct-scan of my knee.
Unfortunately, last Friday when I was to see this doctor for the second time, he was called away for an emergency. So I now have to wait until the 30th July to discuss the ct-scan and hear his further advice.


As English is my 3rd language, what does ROM mean? Did not find any medical meaning for that letterword.