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I had a 5cm depression on a Type II fracture that was repaired with a plate, 8 screws, and bone graft. I hope to run again, but without the surgery I would not be able to walk. Six weeks after my surgery, the brace is off, and the OS wants me to be able to put my full weight on the leg in four more weeks.


Overcoming fears with faith is keeping me sane.


Kind people kept reminding me that my shock and trauma would cause grief, so when I suddenly cried or got angry I treated that as “normal.” Also normal was to feel the need to move. So, in addition to the glute and quad flexes, I started lifting small hand weights and doing other exercises that did not disturb the injured knee. This helped me feel better and maintain some conditioning.

Hang in there. When the OS told me, last week, that I would be PWB, I danced on my crutches. Things get better.


Keep believing and trusting. Thank you for sharing the road to recovery.