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Hi all

This thing sucks in so many ways, and yet, in so many other ways, it brings new meaning to my life. Before, I got acclimatized to having everything made easy for me as I didn’t even understand. The simple acts of walking, opening doors, going up and down stairs, carrying a mug of coffee over to the couch – no problem, but I also felt like I wasn’t working much toward anything substantial.

Now, learning how to navigate the world on two arms and a leg, I get a sad-happy satisfaction from going through life. A major accomplishment is being able to crutch home for 650m. Normally, it’d take me only four or five minutes; now – and I’ve only done it once (so far!) I had to stop about six times, but by golly, I made it home without cabbing it.

Lisa, I completely agree with you about the body not meant to be this sedentary. I’m shocked at how out of shape I was before and am only noticing it now because I’m without one leg.

My bad habit is smoking, and I know it’s one of the worst things I can do for myself, TPF or not. But one of the great things is every time I go outside, it gives me an excuse to stretch out my bad leg and work on my flexibility. I’m so determined that nobody will wash my foot and put a sock and shoe on it, I keep stretching my hamstrings so I can reach my hand far past my toes. And getting into and out of the chair when I go out is another way for me to keep my quads as strong as can be, given the circumstances.

But I still hate this and I wish it never happened.