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Sounds like we have gone through a lot of the same recovery. Sorry I am just seeing your post.

the swelling seems to be getting a little better, but still at the end of a busy day I can feel it–and try and ice every night. I would have thought the swelling would be over by now…

It is my knee that is giving me the most trouble, and now have developed plantar fasciatis(SP?) from limping around.

the new concern is that the cartiledge in my knee is not good, it cracks and buckles and my knee totally gives out without warning…

How are your fasciotomy scars? I have ankle to about 6″ above my knee on the outside and ankle to 4″ above my knee on the inside. I also have a lot of nerve damage and numbness on my shin, and around my ankle. I have no feeling on my shin at all, and the back of my ankles are tingly, like after you have a tooth filled. Have you experienced any of that?

Always something…

I hope you are recovering well!!!