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I fell off my bicycle on 2013 July 05. I had a type V tpf and fractured both bones in my ankle. I was NWB for 14 weeks.

Here I am one year later, I have less than 90 flex in my knee due to scarring and still have stability issues. I am hesitant to have more surgery. On flat even surfaces I can get around OK without a crutch. Once I leave home or my workplace I use one forearm crutch for stability.

In the past 6 months I have managed to sprain my knee twice and have sporadic pain issues. For the most part I am OK with things they way they are. With my crutch I get around pretty well. Going off road, especially hilly areas are problematic. What I miss most is being able to do things with my kids. We used to bike ride during the summer (how I got hurt in the first place), now I cannot enjoy that anymore. I was looking into getting a handcycle, but holy cow are they pricey and my insurance will not cover one.

I wish you well in your recovery and always look on the bright side of life.

– ken