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Hi Julie,

You need to see an orthopedist asap!

When you prefer natural remedies to ease the swelling you can use:
– Slices of tofu. Put them on the swelling and leave them for several hours or during the night. Put a handkerchief over it or a cotton towel. I used legwarmers from my ballet classes to keep everything in place.
See book dr Van Cauwenberghe & Michio Kushi.
– I also used crushed cabbage leaves. Crush a leave with your dough roller or a bottle so the nerves are broken a bit, put it on the swollen area. Renew every few hours.
Cover with cotton towel or handkerchief, keep it in place with a legwarmer or a scarf.
– A homeopathic anti-inflammation without any side effets is Pyrogenium 30K. I took 3 granules 3 times a day. Consult your pharmacist or do some research on internet.
– Since yesterday I started using 2 cell salts from dr Schussler. Although I have been into holistic medicine for 30 years, I had never heard about these mineral salts. An Austrian friend told me about them. /
I use calcium fluoride and calcium phosfate, helpful for bone and joint problems.
Too early for an evaluation yet. Follow my updates under : Desperate, knee still stiff after 7 months.

Hope these remedies give you any relief.