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Early this week I had an appointment with another knee surgeon for that second opinion.
My ct-scan shows there is still a fracture line and an indentation at the lateral/outside of my knee. Why did my own surgeon not see this on the X-rays taken when 5 weeks ago!?
Does that explain the pain I have been enduring for so long?
I still can’t walk normally (with bent knee) but with my brace the pain is bearable.
Still go to hydrotherapy 3 times a week.
My bot-scan shows I have osteoporosis, especially on the left hip. I was 4 times the victim of a traffic accident and 3 times (once as a pedestrian, twice as a cyclist) I was wounded on my left side. Doctor says that this is a hereditary condition.
I was a little shocked I have osteoporosis, since I have always had a very active life style and have been eating healthy since my early twenties. Very little sugar. Never soft drinks, cola, icecream, meat, …
Did research in book written by Kushi, Michio, with Alex Jack. The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health, (Ballantine Books, 2003) and found that osteoporosis can be reversed by adapting food. Which I will do.
Since yesterday I started using 2 cell salts from dr Schussler. Although I have been into holistic medicine for 30 years, I had never heard about these mineral salts. An Austrian friend told me about them. /
I use calcium fluoride and calcium phosfate, helpful for bone and joint problems.
Too early for an evaluation yet, but I’ll keep you posted.