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Karen Lou

TPF can and will take up to a year to fully heal. Don’t put any weight on your leg, this can further damage the soft tissue in the knee and lead to arthritis issues in the future, also, can cause the tibia to fracture more. Elevate your leg-above your heart, ice it down for 20 minutes at a time. My TFP was a depression fracture with some small hair-line fractures at the top of the tibia- my doctor didn’t see it on the x-ray, but the radiologist did. I was immediately told- no weight bearing. Start using 2 crutches to keep your weight off your leg. When I went to see the orthopedist, I was put into a Bledsoe hinged leg brace, from half-way down my shin to half-way up my thigh. Not allowed to bend my knee for 2 months or put weight on it. These braces can be ordered on-line for about $150 US dollars (not sure if you’re in US or not). So, that’s my advice-NO WEIGHT BEARING until you find out what’s going on.