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Hi Fred and John

I’m a fairly similar situation to both of you (intra-articular displaced comminuted TPF with 6mm depression). Hardly got any answers the first time I was in the ER, and sent on my merry way with a too-small knee immobilizer and half-assed instructions on how to get up/down stairs with crutches.

Two weeks later, it was determined surgery wasn’t necessary, but I still had to push for answers. Other than being told NWB, I wasn’t given too many other instructions on how to navigate the next several months.

So, I’ve got a full leg cast on and have just under four weeks to go with it, with this one being the third cast that’s been put on. After that, I’m NWB for *three months* with no cast, just crutches.

What I’ve learned I can and cannot/should not do:

-keep the cast dry, or face either blow-drying or getting another cast put on
-I can put my foot down for balance, but absolutely no weight on it
-the world won’t end if something happens and I accidentally put weight on my leg
-rotating my ankle and doing leg lifts are an acceptable form of physio
-I’m allowed to flex my bad leg a bit to keep the muscle somewhat active, but not too forcefully
-getting up off the floor using just my good leg is fantastic for getting it strong (helps with crutching around town, as you’ll need an incredibly strong good leg to compensate), and works the quads in my bad leg, too
-I’ve been told to start weaning myself off the Percocet, so I take one at night only because nights are the worst and sleep is elusive, at best
-I often get a sharp pain in my groin. No idea why, but one or two extra strength Tylenol (500mg each) does the trick in about half an hour (my metabolism is fast)

I’ve also learned, the hard way, that medical staff are underpaid and overworked, and typically won’t offer plenty of useful suggestions and tips. You have to push for answers, even if it means hauling yourself back to the hospital and presenting yourself in the ER with your most pitiful, near-crying face. I hate doing this, but I hate being pushed in a corner to wait even more.

And if your cast doesn’t feel like a full leg blanket swaddling your leg, it probably isn’t fitting right. I went a week with an ill-fitting cast before I succumbed, as I didn’t want to tough out constant pressure on the top/outside of my knee anymore.

Good luck!