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Hello all,

My type of fracture was Schatzker II. I had a depression on the lateral/outside of my left knee. On the day of the accident the depression was so deep, I could nearly put my wrist in it.

Meanwhile I have been seeing 2 other knee surgeons, for a 2nd and 3rd opinion.
They both say that my type of fracture requires a year revalidation, and hat my healing traject has been normal up-to-now.
Only this week, when I saw my own surgeon for a checkup, she told me that the healing period is 1 year. Too bad I had not been informed correctly from the start! During my 6 day hospitalisation in December, I saw 6 doctors (ER and ward) but not the doctor who operated me.
I find it shocking that the most important person in your life at that particular time, is unavailable to see you. But that’s the way it goes in Belgian university hospitals. Professors, specialists, residents, med students. There is no continuity in care and follow-up, you see too many people who all have their own opinion. The patient gets hardly any information, misinformation or confusing information.
In other hospitals the doctor who operates, follows you up during your stay.
Please note it was not my choice to be taken to the university hospital. The ambulance has to drive you from the place of the accident to the nearest hospital.
One of the residents told me my revalidation would take 3-4 months. That was obviously a serious mistake!!
Also, my own surgeon only informed me in April that my knee was “like a bag of nuts”. The 5th month after my accident, I was told how bad it was.
I would have preferred to know the whole truth from the start, so I could organise my life accordingly. It would have saved me a lot of sorrow, frustration, worries and hassle. Just one example: I had planned a holiday in the spring, journey I had to cancel in July since I am unable travel.

Since I have been wearing my brace since mid June (as advised by doctor 2nd opinion), my knee pain has decreased considerably. While I had stopped wearing it in March, as advised by my own doctor.
2nd and 3rd opinion said I still have a considerable internal indentation, that should heal with scar tissue.
I now have more pain in my right knee, hip and lower back. From the imbalance when walking and from overusing my right side. The more active my day, the more pain on the right and in my lower back.

I still have 3 hydro therapy sessions a week, 1 regular physiotherapy session and a shiatsu massage.
Tomorrow I am seeing my GP/family doctor to discuss what supplements to take for my vitamine D shortage and osteoporosis.

I’ll keep you posted.
Take care.