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Hello DAnielle,
I have just discovered this site and was interested in your story as my tpf was also caused by my new staffie cross (rescue dog) running full pelt into my left leg. I had to crawl out of the park dragging my leg behind me.
I had similar surgery – plate,graft and screws 2 weeks ago and am now nwb for another 4 weeks. After that I have been told I will be pwb for another 6 weeks.
I did not appreciate the full gravity of my injury until I read all the posts on this site and I have now realised that to heal properly I must be very patient.
I am a high school teacher and this is my Summer holiday. I can’t see me going back to school when term starts and I am looking ahead now to the second half of our term in November.
As you are a long way ahead of me, I would be very interested in your experiences and how you have coped with your immobility. Fortunately, my pain levels are okay – just the discomfort of the leg brace really and aching back and hips.
I am being very positive and am lucky to have 3 great sons and a supportive set of friends.

Regards to you,