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I have a tibia spinal avulsion, and I’ve been off my foot for four weeks – now I have two weeks to go with no weight-bearing and then four weeks moving from partial weight bearing.

My pain has not been terribly serious but I am going nuts sitting around so I do want to recommend and I got the mobile legs crutches and they have made huge difference in my mobility there very early gnomic everybody.

Hi Shell about 30 feet while I was rockclimbing and had to be rescued by helicopter. My doc said I didn’t need any surgery and that’s good news because my injury is to the bone that supports the posterior cruciate ligament.

I am in very good spirits and I know I will not just survive this and get back to 100% because I am an avid mountain climber and love to hike long distances, in fact, it is the core of who I am.

I think I have a good doctor but not getting a whole lot of information on partial weight bearing to full weight-bearing – anybody have any comments or hints about this?